October 13, 2010

Gay Research

Some really interesting research on how people go out to people get together. A few things stood out for me, firstly it should hopefully help to kill that stupid 'gay panic' excuse for homophobic violence. Then there was how many people that identify as strait are at least a 1 on the Kinsey scale4. finally, wow! Can those Lesbians party!

October 08, 2010

Congratulations Lui Xiaobo

Congratulations to Lui Xiaobo on winning this year's Nobel Peace Prize. It is just unfortunate that the prize commitee decided to make the prize worthless by giving to last year to somebody simply for being left wing and getting elected. Oh and how is that hopey changey thing getting on by the way?

October 04, 2010

The cuts have begun - GOOD

I expected that the reactionary left would oppose the reforms. Unthinking opposition is simply what they do. However I am little disappointed that DK opposed this reduction in the Welfare State, even if it is so tiny.

Everybody must realise that there is no magic pony that shits gold secreted in deep in the bowls of Whitehall. There is no money left. The government has to spend less. Running such a huge deficit forever is simply not an option. If you have to cut somewhere it is probably best to take the cost of a couple bottles of nice wine off those earning almost twice the average salary so that you do not have to take so much off those where this is the difference between eating and not.

However that isn’t all, George has placed a cap on the amount that you can take the benefits system for. That means the chav scum that spread their legs for a living are going to find that they now have a limit on the amount they can earn from their chosen career.

October 01, 2010

In which Polly meets Red Ed

Down in the darkness of the castle dungeon the pitiful wretch stirred as she felt the chitinous legs of a creature crawling over her bare thigh. Once she had been a princess with villas in many lands and betrothed to a powerful Viking warrior, but he had been unable to love her in the way she demanded and so had thrown her down into the dungeons. At first she might still catch glimpses of her warrior prince through the bars of her cell. Then one night she had heard sounds of a battle going on above her and after that her mighty Viking was never seen again. She had been alone for a very long time now.

She scooped up the invertebrate and pressed it to her lips for a gentle kiss like you might give to a lover.
"Oh Mr Millipede, your carapace is so smooth, so hard." she crooned "I thought that my Viking warrior would be hard, but he wasn't. He was never hard, but you will be my Mr Millipede. You will be hard all the time."

The arthropod's legs marched over her skin and sent shivers up her spine, but its primitive brain had sensed that there was no sustenance to be found here. The millipede crawled down across her grim smeared wedding dress and then disappeared into a crack in the wall of her cell.

"Don't leave me Mr Millipede. Please don't leave ..." she pleaded, but it was no use so Polly let her head fall back in despair and howled at the moon.